House of Lions live at Kore Studios.

Kore Studios was opened in 2003 by producer George Apsion. Starting out with a modest set-up, based around an analogue console and Pro Tools HD rig, the studios began life as a trusted base to a faithful roster of independent labels.

Over the last ten years the business has expanded. We now offer one of the best equipped and highly regarded recording spaces in the UK, providing unparalleled service and expertise to a wide range of international labels and artists.

In 2010 Kore’s achievements were given international recognition by the Music Producers Guild, who awarded us the coveted prize of ‘Best UK Studio'.

Acclaimed artists such as Scott WalkerFlorence & the Machine and Richard Ashcroft have all benefitted from the studio’s unique atmosphere, attentive staff and reliable equipment.

Whilst maintaining this high standard of major label work, Kore continues to nurture close ties with independent musicians, tailor-making recording and development packages to allow new talent to propel their careers forward.

In September 2014 Kore marked its 10 Year Anniversary with the installation of a 32 Channel Api 1608 console, further cementing its position as one of London's foremost studios.


'An interesting David and Goliath contest in the Best Studio category resulted in an unexpected triumph for Kore Studios. This relatively modest but well regarded and innovative facility in West London saw off the likes of AIR Lyndhurst and British Grove to gain industry recognition for the work of founder George Apsion, who has proved that with the right attitude, it is possible for new studios to flourish even in the current climate.'

Sound on Sound , March 2010.




Our Studios Work

We look after our equipment, we maintain it, and we keep on top of faults. If something is listed on the site it’s in the room, ready to use, and fulfilling its purpose to enhance your recording.

Our Staff

We know what it takes to keep a session moving forward, and we have the technical confidence to ensure it does. If you need a recommendation, we are there. Equally, we know when to be invisible. At the end of the day we hope you will appreciate working here as much as we do.


Put simply, there is stuff here you will love. A lot of it you will expect to see, some of it you may never have heard of before. Beautifully maintained microphones, pre amps and compressors, both old and new. All of it does at least one thing amazingly, the sum total of which will result in a sound that is totally unique to Kore.

Clean & Comfortable

We will ensure you and your guests are well looked after, with delicious coffee and good food. There are great local restaurants, a quiet sitting room upstairs and a lovely park just across the road if you want to get out for a while.