Vocal Recording Studio in London

Based in Acton, West London, Kore Studios is a leading recording studio. We've worked with a wide range of well-known artists, offering both creative guidance and top-class facilities. Our team is dedicated to helping clients create professional quality vocal recordings and voiceovers.

Top Quality Recording Facilities

By booking either a 6 or 12-hour session in our studio, you’ll benefit from a suite of professional equipment as well as technical assistance from our team of specialists.

Whether you’re a singer or you’re recording a voiceover, audiobook or podcast, you’ll have the choice between our live room or a smaller, more intimate booth. Both spaces are fully equipped to meet any of our clients’ needs. This includes access to quality recording equipment such as microphones, pre-amps, equalisers and compressors.

Vocal Mixing and Mastering

While at Kore Studios you’ll be supported by our in-house engineers, who will do all they can to ensure your vocal recording is of the highest possible quality.

Of course, the process doesn’t end with recording. Kore Studios has a mixing suite where all the finishing touches can be made to your vocal track or voiceover. Our team uses software such as Pro Tools HD 2019 and Logic X, as well as an Apollo Console for mixing and mastering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our selection of available equipment includes a range of professional-grade microphones. These include studio standards such as Sennheiser and vintage microphones such as the AKG C-24 that are perfect for recording high-quality vocals.
Mixing and mastering services are included in all of our recording sessions, regardless of length.
Yes. Our mixing and mastering services can be used not only for music and voiceovers but also podcasts and audiobooks.
Yes. Our facilities are available for you to record high-quality voiceovers, as well as dialogue for film, TV or broadcast.