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Based in Acton, West London, Kore Studios can be booked in 6 to 12-hour sessions by musicians and bands seeking professional quality music videos. Having worked with some of the UK’s foremost artists, we are known for our bespoke production services and technical expertise, as well as our commitment to maintaining high standards. Our team is on-hand to help you get the most out of your session.

Live Band Video Recording

Videos remain one of the key ways for musicians to grow their fanbase and showcase their artistry – be they unsigned, independent or professional recording artists. Our team is passionate about helping bands create videos that represent their chosen style and musical prowess.

By working together with Kore Studios, bands can shape the creative direction of their video while still benefitting from our team’s expert insights and years of collective experience. Bands can feel free to use their own props, equipment and videographers while still having full access to Kore Studios’ spaces, recording equipment and in-house engineers.

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Want to see a great example of what you can create at Kore Studios?

Check out our session with Bloom Twins, and how it combined a sense of intimacy and spontaneity with premium quality video recording. Hopefully this gives you a taste of what to expect when working with us.

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The Ideal Space to Shoot Your Video

Our facilities include a fully-equipped 42 sq m live room, two spacious booths and a control room area. Ground floor access also takes the hassle out of moving instruments and equipment into the studio. Finally, the live room has plenty of space for any additional lighting, not to mention overhead skylights that bring in an abundance of natural light.

We ensure our live room has the acoustic requirements, facilities and equipment to create quality vocal recordings. By booking a session at Kore Studios, vocalists will have not only an array of microphones at their disposal (including high-end condenser and tube microphones) but also preamps and equalisers for premium quality sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you book a session at Kore Studios you’ll have access to our spacious live room, which includes two separate recording booths and our full suite of vintage and contemporary recording equipment. You’ll also be assisted by our in-house team, who can advise on any technical matters and offer creative input to help realise your vision.
This can depend on a variety of factors, but broadly speaking, to record a music video we recommend a 6-hour session for solo performers and a 12-hour session for bands or ensembles. You can discuss timescales and requirements in detail with our team when booking your session.
Our team can advise on sound quality and recording setups but can recommend professional videographers to assist with the visual aspects of your music video such as cinematography and production design.
We are happy for you to use your own instruments and gear, any of our in-house equipment or a combination of the two. Feel free to consult our full list of professional recording equipment.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer video editing services. We are, however, able to recommend videographers to assist you with editing your music video.