Agents: What do they do and do you need one?

February 27, 2020

A successful band is more than the people on stage. Behind the scenes, there are many others that toil away to make sure your music gets the attention it deserves. Among this mini-army of supporters are agents. Here’s our lowdown on what they do and how they can help can your band get to the next level.


Booking gigs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re still practicing in your garage or selling out big venues, live music matters. Agents help you get your next gig, freeing you up to concentrate on the music.

Why is it better to pay for an agent than go it alone I hear you say? Well, unless you’re a veteran in the scene, then a good agent will have more contacts than you. They’ll have long-standing relationships with promoters, meaning that they’re more likely to secure your band a place on the roster.

They’ll also have a good understanding of your fanbase and the strength of your genre. This matters when it comes to negotiating the matter of cold, hard cash for your band’s performance. They’ll have a better idea of how many tickets you’re likely to sell, and how much your fans are willing to pay for them. In short, shelling out for an agent means you’ll probably end up with more money from shows.


Organising tours

So, you’re ready to expand your horizons past the local pub scene and bring your music to a wider audience. Time to hit the road. But where? Agents can help you plan out your route and will negotiate with venues to get your band the best rates possible.

They come in particularly useful if you want to go abroad. Some agents focus on particular territories and will know exactly where to go, taking into account their knowledge of particular venues and the scale of local demand for your genre. How’s the SpaceSynth scene in South Korea? Thriving, I hear.


Resolving problems

The last thing you want to do after delivering a killer show is to argue with the promoter over fees. Leave this to the agent. As they’ve negotiated your spot, they’ll know precisely how much you should be paid and when.

This goes for any other problems that come up during a performance. If the venue is missing something you need, you can get onto your agent to sort it out. Their relationship with the promoter means they’ll probably resolve it faster, leaving you to get back to the important business of playing your music.If your band is ready to take the next step, then getting an agent is a good idea. They’ll secure your next show, help organise your upcoming tour, and get stuck in if any problems come up along the way. Alongside a band manager, they’ll help to get your band’s name up in lights around the world.

Hiring an agent isn’t the only way to level up your music – getting it recorded and mixed in a professional studio is another step on your way up. Kore Studios, located in West London, is equipped with both the latest and vintage recording tech to help you pin down your sound. Get in contact to see how our experienced sound engineers can help, or if you’d like to book a slot in the studio.