API console install

September 23, 2014

There has been an extraordinary change at the Kore Studios in the last month and we are hugely excited to share it with you. As we approached our ten-year anniversary we decided it was time to upgrade our console.The desk we have chosen is a beautiful 32 channel Api 1608.

I took quite some time over this decision. First and foremost in my mind was a desire to maintain and protect Kore’s strengths and appeal. Clients know us as a studio where everything works and sessions run uninterrupted. The 1608’s modular design and stunning build quality play into this. But as well as reliability we wanted a desk with the pedigree and ability to ensure Kore’s reputation as a destination studio. A place where you just have to make your record. 

The combination of our live spaces and microphones with this console has been nothing short of astonishing. As well as its 32 mic amps, the console is loaded with eqs by Api & chandler. The sound is huge, with detail and depth, and is a joy to work on. We honestly can’t wait for you to hear it.