How to Get Sponsorship as a Musician

August 25, 2020

For the most part, a musician’s biggest priority is maintaining and monetising their artistic output. Those who’ve grown their fanbase over a number of years can sell tickets, merchandise and physical copies of their music. However, gaining sponsorship from a well-known company can give an artists income a much-needed boost, especially in the current climate when there’s so much uncertainty. So how do musicians go about finding a sponsor? This article will provide an overview of music sponsorship, helping you maintain your career as a professional musician. 

How to Get Music Sponsorship?

The first question you should ask yourself is what type of company would be the right fit? Whether it’s a fashion retailer, a lifestyle brand or even a food and beverage distributor, companies want to form partnerships with creative people who represent their brand identity. 

More often than not, companies will reach out to musicians that are on their radar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive. We recommend starting small. Although the payout will be less than a bigger company, who’s to say over time that they won’t grow and take you along for the ride with them? Nurturing a partnership through growth and mainstream success can be hugely rewarding, both personally and financially.  

Once you’ve got your hit list of businesses, you need to form and present your offer. Sell to each business in a particular way. Your task is to show the business that you are flexible enough and, in any case, will be able to find the best solution for cooperation. You will need to present to them a comprehensive breakdown of your offer. And this you can put together in a commercial offer that may consist of:

  • Potential market for the sponsor
  • Summary of what you are asking for (sponsorship for concerts, tour, festival, etc.)
  • What you will do for the sponsor
  • Determine the time period, for example, long term, short term, or a one-off event, etc.

What Can You do to Add Value to the Company?


These types of partnerships are always a two-way street. While you’ve approached a company to try and get some financial backing, it’s important that you deliver your end of the bargain.

There are many ways in which you can galvanise your fan base and drum up support for your sponsoring organisation. These include placing your sponsor’s logo on posters for your next gig, as well as your website and social media profiles. You should also be sure to give a shout-out to your sponsor when performing on stage or in interviews.


The previous examples are a great starting point for artists who may be flying under the radar. However, as your career gains traction there are more and more opportunities to grow your corporate partnership. Here are just a few examples: 

Shooting Videos


Offer to shoot videos for the company. In the age of Instagram Live, TikTok and Facebook, there’s no limit to how many likes and shares a well-made video can gain. Many of these videos are shot on smartphones and at most require a shoestring budget.

If you want to broach making this type of deal with a company, be sure to paint a picture in their mind. If these videos go viral; they will create an endless flow of customers for their business or services. An ideal scenario is the sponsoring company offering you a contract, where you agree to provide regular video content.

Write Down the Jingle


If you are comfortable with such things, it is a great way to add more value to your offer. Worried that lending your skills to the latest commercial ear-worm might dampen your credibility? Quite a few well-known artists have made jingles, including Marc Bolan, Gary Numan and even New Order (who agreed to have their seminal hit ‘Blue Monday’ covered for a Sunkist ad…the more you know!) 

Exclusive Performances

You can offer to perform at all or most of the company’s events in exchange for the usual costs (food, petrol, accommodation etc.) You’re sure to find many start-ups who want to promote a laid-back, free-wheeling image of their company – these types of companies will often have live music at their events. 

Ultimately, the key to gaining a corporate sponsorship is to believe in your abilities and what you are bringing to the table. So what if you don’t have much of a business brain, and your only experience of negotiating is watching The Apprentice? As long as you can sell yourself as the next big thing and you’re confident in your music, you can convince the company that they will get much more than they pay out in sponsorship by sponsoring you. Then it’s just a matter of dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and settling on a rate you think will support your work. 

One last piece of advice: whether it’s live music sponsorship or a long-term sponsorship, make sure you like the product or company you want to promote. We’re sure you’re in it for the music, and while gaining sponsorship can be a real boost for your career – nothing will make you lose passion more than feeling like a corporate shill. 


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