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How to build a following on SoundCloud

November 13, 2020

Soundcloud is one of the most popular ways to find exciting new musicians. With around 175 million monthly listeners it has become the world’s largest open audio platform and is seen as the key to  success for many new artists. Some of the most notable musicians to have kickstarted their careers on SoundCloud include Post Malone, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Tyler the Creator, and Clairo. It’s become clear that the days of sending demos to a record label are over; the new way of finding success is by building a SoundCloud following and finding the right audience. For those looking to get the attention of agents and producers on the platform, we’ve put together some tips on how to grow your SoundCloud followers. 


Only upload your best

With such a large amount of users, Soundcloud inevitably has many creators too – so there are a few important steps you can take to stand out and make the most of the platform. The most fundamental is that you should only upload your best work with the highest sound quality. Take your time on recording, choosing the production software that you’re most comfortable with. A good quality audio interface will also go a long way in making your recording process easier and more streamlined. Once you’ve got some sounds down, it’s then really important to mix and master your track – it’ll give it a more clean and professional sound. If you’re unable to do this yourself, there are many studios that can provide the professional mixing of your track. 


Work on your bio

Another great aspect of using Soundcloud is that it allows you to share a little about yourself in a bio. You can really use this to your advantage and help potential listeners understand a bit more about you and the music you make. Through doing so, the artist becomes closer with their audience and starts a loyal following. Most artists like to give a brief description of their music, how they got into it, why they enjoy it, alongside any big achievements and mention of any labels they’re associated with, 

It often comes across as professional to have the bio in third person, although this is completely optional. Sometimes writing in first-person can have a friendlier tone. It’s also essential to leave links to any other social media platforms that you use or websites you have, just making it even easier for potential fans to keep up with everything you’re working on.


Build a network

It’s really important to build your online network by interacting with other artists online. Through supporting and collaborating with each other you will inevitably end up having your music shared to a new audience, and maybe get some good recording advice too. You can begin networking on SoundCloud simply by adding a comment, or liking and sharing a song that you enjoy. You can find artists that you might enjoy by using various hashtags, which are also important to utilise in your own work. People will often search under hashtags when looking for new music; make sure the ones you use are relevant not only to the music you make but the target audience that you want to attract. 


Make playlists

Playlists are a great way to reach even more new listeners. People often search for playlists when they want to find new music or are looking for music to fit a certain mood or activity – for example study playlists or playlists for long drives. By creating new playlists you are making another way for people to eventually access your music. It can also be beneficial to get your music onto the playlists of other creators, which is something you can achieve through good networking.


Connect with bloggers

Music bloggers are alway keen to review new music and share it with their readers. Through connecting with bloggers that might enjoy your music you’re potentially opening your songs up to a whole new audience. Bloggers appreciate having fresh music to review, so are often enthusiastic  to work with new artists. One of the best ways to find a blogger that would be interested in you is to search blog coverage of musicians that you like and that are at a similar level of success as you. Once you’ve found them, simply reach out, sharing a bit about yourself and including some links to your music alongside an explanation of why you’d love a review from them.  


If you’re looking to build a solid SoundCloud following, make sure your track is recorded and mixed professionally. Based in South West London, Kore Studios offers an online mixing service that will sharpen your sound and get it ready to go viral. Alternatively, book a session in our award-winning studio. We’ve worked with artists such as Amy Winehouse, Richard Ashcroft, and Plan B, and are equipped with both vintage and modern recording tech, suitable for every genre.