How to find a singer for your band

May 18, 2021

You’ve been fine-tuning your skills, maybe recorded a few videos that you’ve posted online on your social media accounts or even held an online live music event, but nothing quite replaces that feeling of a live jam session or performance, especially after the isolation of lockdown – the only problem is, now you need a singer. We’ve put together a few resources and tips on how to find a singer in the UK to help you out, whether you’re into the classics, jazz, country, heavy metal, or your own unique sound.

singer in studio

#1 – Ask your social network

The power of social media is not to be overestimated, and you’ll be amazed just how far your post can travel. Write up a quick intro about who you are, the music you love, and what you’re looking for in a singer, and post it up on your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Join local band-focussed Facebook pages and share your search, and ask your friends and family to re-share it onto their pages, and soon you’ll be reaching out to hundreds of people.

#2 – Advertise locally

Start by printing out a basic flyer with all the essential information about who you are and what you want to do, and visit your local music stores, record stores, bars, and clubs. Be sure to chat with the manager or owner and ask for permission before you put up your flyer. You might get personal recommendations and connections, be able to pin your flyer up on a bulletin board, or even get a mention on their social media pages.

 #3 – Join online band platforms in the UK

Want to know where to find singers online? Take the digital route to find a jam buddy by using online platforms specifically dedicated to helping musicians find bandmates. Many of these are free, which makes it great for both amateur and hobby musicians. This includes Join My BandBand MateFind a Musician, and BandMix UK, as well as the popular app and social networks Bandfriend and Jamseek

#4 – Visit local open mic nights and jam sessions

Some of the best places to meet singers and musicians are, of course, open mic nights and jam sessions. Now, with lockdown easing somewhat and live events making a comeback, you can expect to see more of these events start-up around town. Follow your local event spaces online and make the time to check them out. You’ll get to network, check out singers live, and maybe make a connection.

#5 – Visit local recording studios and drama programs

If you need to find a singer, you need to hang out where the singers are. Visit recording studios and make enquiries about whether there are singers they’re in touch with looking for a jam buddy. Enquire at drama programs where up-and-coming singers are hungry to grow their talent and explore, and even volunteer your own talents to help with the program and make connections. 

Now you know how to find a singer for your band – what’s next? A professional studio session

Looking for the perfect singer for your band is no easy task, but once you all come together – that’s when the true magic happens! If you’re looking for a space to lay down a track, get expert advice from award-winning producers and sound engineers, access to high-quality vintage and modern equipment, or a professional space for a jam session, then visit Kore Studios in West London. 

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