What to bring to your recording studio session

August 7, 2018

Exactly what and how much you bring to your session at the recording studio is for you to decide. If you come to your session empty handed, we’re confident we’ll create something great with what we have at the studio alone. All we ask is that you don’t expect us to have every single piece of kit and instrument you have. We have a lot but we don’t have every artist’s ensemble. It’s your music. You know what you normally use and what you’re happy or not happy with. In this post, we talk through the equipment we offer then make suggestions of things you may (or may not) wish to bring of your own.

Down to the Kore

We’re proud (and pretty protective) of some of the rare equipment we’ve collected over the years. From our eighteen ribbon microphones, two synthesizers (workstation and analog modeling), seven guitars to our beautiful upright Chapell. These can help create the unique sound and recording experience that you won’t get in your front living room and we love introducing artists to the unique qualities that our specialist kit bring to the studio. Artists usually bring their own instruments and many choose to use some of their own equipment such as amps and effects pedals. If you want to use your own headphones, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of headphone adaptors too. We absolutely will not be offended if you choose to use your own but here’s what we can provide for your session…


  • Audio Kitchen Big Chopper
  • Audio Kitchen Little Chopper
  • Orange Dark Terror Amp
  • Ampeg V4 100 watt (1970’s)
  • Ampeg SVT Bass Amp
  • Traynor YGL-3 MKIII


  • Soundune 2×12
  • Audio Kitchen 1×12
  • Palmer 2×12
  • Ashdown 4×12 (Bass)


As we mentioned, most artists and bands prefer to record with their own instruments. However, you can incorporate any of our instruments into your material if you’d like to. Our backline includes the following instruments:

  • Fender Telecaster
  • Gibson SG‐1
  • Fender J Mascis Jazzmaster
  • Taylor 114 Acoustic
  • Parlour ‘Nashville Strung’ Acoustic
  • Fender Precision Bass
  • Hoffner Bass
  • Korg Triton
  • Nord A1
  • Chapell upright piano


We have over sixty different mics for you to choose from – we’ll help you choose which to opt for. In our selection we have dynamic, ribbon, boundary, tube and FX mics. Check out our previous post on how to make the most of our eighteen ribbon mics. We also have eight large and eight small diaphragm condensers.

Check if we’re compatible

This only applies if you’re set on using any of your own recorded material. If we’re honest, for the ultimate studio experience and product, we recommend recording everything here. But maybe you rely on particular plug-ins and effects to create your desired sound.  If you still want to bring some of your own recordings, make sure we’ll be able to use it. Otherwise no dramas, we’ll record it all fresh. Click here to check out the mixing platforms and plug-ins we use, as well as a full list of our recording studio equipment.

Handy extras

You’re likely to have learnt this from gigs and any recording experience to date but there are a few non-technical things which are useful to have to hand. Marker pens, white masking tape and black gaffer tape are good for keeping tabs on your own kit. There are never too many multi-tools, spare guitar strings and plectrums and drum keys in a recording studio. If you forget we have them so don’t worry.

Creature comforts

We want you and your guests to be as happy and comfortable as possible. Delicious coffee and food are a definite. If you have any special requirements or requests in terms of drinks and refreshments – let us know and we’ll see what we can do. There’s also a lounge upstairs, great local restaurants and a park just over the road for when you or your guests need a breather.

We pride ourselves in using and maintaining the very best equipment in the industry, so there’s no need to bring gear that we already have. You’ll be able to use all of the tools outlined in this post and on our website. With a range of vintage and modern gear and the expertise of veteran producer, George Apsion, our team ensure that sessions always brings out the best in every client. If you like what you hear, please get in touch to book in some studio time with Kore.