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How bands can record live videos in the studio

recording live music

Music videos as an art form have withstood many drastic technological and creative shifts. The fact remains that as people, we are highly visual consumers. That’s why TikTok currently dominates the internet, having surpassed Google as the most popular website. In 2020, 96% of people increased their online video consumption, with the average person spending

Busking in London: where and when is best?

Rod Stewart, George Michael, Ed Sheeran… A lot of internationally famous musicians got their start by jamming out some cover songs and original material around London. Unfortunately, busking in London doesn’t come with a guarantee of superstardom, but knowing when and where to busk can certainly help you to broaden your audience.

How to License Music in 5 Steps

license music

As an independent musician and home producer, it’s important that you license your music to protect your intellectual property. It’s also a great way to create a passive income stream and make money off your talent. Here’s how to license music through sync licensing. What is a music license? Also called a synchronisation license, this

How to Write Lyrics Using Rhyme Schemes

rhyme schemes

Great rhyme schemes are one of those things in music that seem effortless and natural but achieving them takes a lot of sweat and hard graft. Every songwriter knows the frustration of wrestling a rhyme while of trying to get their message across with the most impact and the right words. In this article, we’re

What is an NFT music marketplace?

nft music marketplace

At the end of 2021, the world’s first music NFT marketplace was launched, giving new and emerging artists an effective way to sell their music directly to fans securely and without the risk of plagiarism. Many new and established artists aren’t yet fully aware of the benefits of this technology and its application in the

10 of the best blues rock guitarists of all time

Best blues rock guitarists

As you can imagine, at Kore Studios we are passionate about all types of music. However, for many of us blues rock is particularly close to our hearts. We love how ‘fusion genres’ such as blues rock throw together sounds we know and love to create something brand new. But most importantly, the blues rock

What’s the Difference Between Mixing & Mastering?

recording studio

If music is running through your veins and you’ve been spending years mastering your craft, writing your own songs, and refining your talent, then it’s a great time to think about laying down a professional track. The world of sound engineering can be pretty complicated if you’ve never recorded before, especially when it means getting

How to Convert Vinyl Records to Digital

vinyl record

In the last couple of decades, vinyl has surged in popularity – and it’s easy to see why. From the striking cover art and the look of a record in motion to the pure sound of uncompressed audio, there’s so much to love about this format. However, the irony is that if you want your

How to get your music on streaming platforms

music streaming

How to Get Your Music on Streaming Platforms From the start, the internet has revolutionised the music industry, giving artists a space to promote and showcase their music to a worldwide audience. Today, streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and others deliver the exposure artists of all genres need to make that essential connection