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How Much Does it Cost to Record a Song in the Studio?

recording a song in the uk

This is a common question we encounter at Kore Studios. While more and more ‘bedroom artists’ are sticking with DIY recording spaces, the guaranteed quality and expert guidance that comes with a professional studio recording cannot be underestimated. Booking a recording studio session is certainly worth the investment, but it’s up to you to make

How to Find a Music Producer That’s Right for You

music producer

Are you a budding artist ready to take your music to the next level? Sometimes the trickiest question comes down to the people you work with. You’ve got your equipment, you’ve got your band, but who is going to deal with the technical stuff and bring it all together. If you’ve been Googling ‘how to

How to find a singer for your band

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You’ve been fine-tuning your skills, maybe recorded a few videos that you’ve posted online on your social media accounts or even held an online live music event, but nothing quite replaces that feeling of a live jam session or performance, especially after the isolation of lockdown – the only problem is, now you need a

Sound of Silence: Recording Studio Soundproofing Techniques

acoustic foam

Sound is everywhere – in the murmur of passers-by, the barking of a dog, or the rush of distant traffic. For the most part, our brain’s push these sounds to the back of our awareness, where it becomes part of everyday life. It’s only when we focus on producing only a specific sound – say,

Recording Drums: The Complete Guide

Drum recording

From Led Zeppelin to The Beatles, British artists have produced some of the best drum sounds ever recorded. They’ve also shown why learning proper drum recording techniques is crucial for making great music. But setting up the drum kit can be the most challenging part of recording, especially when working in a home studio. It

Vintage Guitars – A Buyer’s Guide

The market for vintage guitars is huge. From tour-battered instruments with colourful pasts to pristine pieces that have been perfectly preserved, there are many, many guitars to choose from. And with price tags ranging from £1,000 to over £100,000 (and above), there’s a lot of variety in what’s on offer. Whether you’re looking for an

How to record an orchestra

Recording an orchestra is a complex task. It requires a close consideration of the venue’s acoustics as well as the size, composition, and placement of the ensemble. By addressing these factors effectively, producers and sound engineers can ensure that an orchestra’s sound is reliably reproduced, communicating both the force and delicacy of its varied instruments.

How to record a jazz band

Each genre of music presents different recording challenges, and jazz is no different. If you’re looking for how to record a jazz band, we’ve a few tips for you.