Recording Studio Control Room

Our recording studio control room acts as the central hub for Kore Studios. Having dealt with such an eclectic mix of recording artists, we want to remain adaptable to all possible needs.  That’s why we use a 32-channel API 1608 as our recording studio mixing desk. API has a long and rich history of providing an aspirational sound, so it made sense to make it our centre-piece at Kore Studios. A mixing desk this good needs software of equal quality. This is why we plug it in to a Pro Tools HDX system with Burl Converters, marrying the best of the analogue and digital worlds

Our mixing desk helps us to function as a multitrack studio with a varied outboard. We’re very proud to have collected such quality equipment, including studio standards like Neve, Universal Audio and Chandler. If you are searching for something a little bit more niche check out units by Pom Audio, Thermionic Culture or Overstayer.

Finally, our control room is oriented in a way that gives it a direct line of sight into our large live performance space. This ensures that an integrated tracking experience occurs, with producer and artist in continued communication.The overall result is a high-quality, cohesive recording studio control room. Like many of the recording spaces at Kore Studios, it can be easily customised and repurposed to suit any client’s needs.