Our Music Recording Studios

Kore Studios is based in a 2,000 sq ft warehouse space in Acton, West London. Our principal areas for music recording and audio design are located on the ground floor of Kore, with convenient access for loading equipment in and out of the building. Functioning at once as a live recording space, a music production facility, and a sound design studio, Kore Studios serves a range of purposes across its many studio rooms. A smaller music recording studio – known as Studio B – and a quiet lounge area occupy the upper floor. There is private off-road parking directly outside of the studio, with enough space for up to four cars. All considered, Kore is considered by many one of the most dynamic and efficient music studios in London today. Delve deeper into our studio by clicking on the rooms listed below.

Enjoy this video tour of our audio design and music recording studios, for rent and booking now.